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Columbia House DVD Club

Membership club with heavily discounted no-risk trial offer on large selection of popular DVDs; choose any 5 DVDs for 49 cents each; free shipping on entire introductory order when you buy an additional DVD; members can choose from more than 10,000 titles, plus video games and a limited selection of "mature" (adult) movies from Playboy.

Disney Movie Club

Membership club features animated cartoons and live-action Disney films on DVD and VHS; $1.99 movies and free shipping when you join

William Shatner DVD Club

"DVD-of-the-Month" club with sci-fi, horror and fantasy movies personally selected by Star Trek's Capatin Kirk. Sign-up to get a free DVD; subsequent DVDs are only $4 a month (when billed annually)

Peerflix DVD Exchange

Online community that allows members to trade DVDs directly with other members who build a "have" list of DVDs they're willing to trade and a "want" list of DVDs they'd like to receive; risk-free trial and free DVD upon account activation

Barter Bee

Trade CDs, DVDs or video games for only one dollar using Barter Bee's points system. Sell just one item to get one item of equal value. Artwork and descriptions provided by BarterBee; site also offers free shipping and free insurance on every purchase. Trade across categories - get a CD for a game or a DVD for a CD.

DVD MegaPacks

Unique site/product offering special value-priced collections of 50 full-length original movies, each available for the first time on DVD.Each MegaPack has over 70 hours of entertainment and costs about 60 cents per movie.


Superstore with vast selection of DVDs, DVD players, CDs, books, electronics and more; free shipping with minimum purchase

Barnes and Noble

Online branch of bookstore merchant now offers DVD's, music and software; free shipping with minimum purchase


Internet superstore offers free shipping (on DVD and UMD orders of $25 or more) and up to 40% off top selling DVDs

DVD Planet

DVD retailer also sells games for XBOX, Game Cube and Playstation 2; free shipping with minimum purchase

Why everyone should have a DVD collection in their home

In a world where the digital gear develops rapidly and everyone keeps track of updates, movies, music, books and games have a digital market on their own. With a wide selection of streaming services available these days, some people question the necessity of DVDs in their home. Whether you look for excellent games or you go on holidays with your family and need a good movie, a DVD collection will certainly come in handy.

Many individuals do not own a vast knowledge when it comes to the complicated technology of Internet applications. An important feature that should make you buy DVDs is the simplicity with which you can drop a disc of your favorite music album into a tray and press play. You can set a romantic ambiance to your dinner with one of your ravishing pearl and fill your house with love songs that will impress your lover from the adult entertainment.

Your beautiful companion from Sidney will definitely reward you with plenty of tender gestures and will invite you for a provocative dance that will uplift your mood instantly. As friendses are big fans of joyful melodies, make sure you pack your home with their cherished DVDs and you will surely melt their hearts. After the meal and a dance or two, invite one of your treasured friend to a movie on your couch and play the latest comedies.

Everybody knows how annoying it can be when you finely pick a film you enjoy with your attractive mates from an online website and precisely at the most intriguing scenes your Internet connection drops and you are left with a frozen screen. Avoid that hassle with a DVD since it does not require connectivity and keep your glamorous partner content with numerous deleted scenes, director and actors interviews and outtakes that come with it.

Nothing is more pleasant than an image and audio quality that is not dependent on the speed of the Internet connection. Check out the Web DVD Guide for the best websites that provide DVDs and order some Blu-rays for the sharp pictures and clean sounds that you will not experience from a download or on a video stream. With these types of discs you will get high-resolution content and uncompressed audio that will satisfy your refined demands.

The latest gaming releases for platforms such as PlayStation, Wii or X-box or even computers have continuously offered their consumers a unique adventure into the imaginary world due to the Blu-ray DVDs that provide big storage and the best viewing experience out there. Because most players crave the high-definition resolution for their games and shorter load times, do not hesitate and use a DVD every time you plan a fun afternoon with your children.

Although physical products can break sometimes, the digital and online storage come with a lack of durability that can put in danger your data. From stubborn viruses that can wipe your files in no time to hard drives issues, you can lose your digital library and all the music and movie files you have downloaded will be gone. Explore the multiple advantages and expand your home DVD collection with your most prized possessions for some enjoyable times!