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DVD movies you should buy this year

2016 is a wonderful year for those who crave a wider collection of movie DVDs in their home. With so many famous cinema productions that will be released on discs, make sure you do not miss on your favorite films. Whether you are a fan of romantic comedies, or science-fictions is on your must-watch list, check out the Web DVD Guide for the best website choices.

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Follow the story of Four and Tris in the latest release of the Divergent series and watch how they fight for the new world they discovered after their escape from the faction. Add the “Gods of Egypt” DVD to your shopping list for a more enhanced experience in a fantasy world, and catch a glimpse of Gerard Butler in the epic battle between the deities Horus and Set.

If you liked “The Revenant” in theatres, you will certainly want a DVD copy for yourself of the Oscar nominated movie. Stay tuned for the outstanding performance of actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy and witness to the thrilling adventure of the main character. For the superhero genre enthusiasts, “Deadpool” can show them a new side of Ryan Reynolds as he gains both superpowers and weaknesses from an experiment.

Because comedies are perfect for a family afternoon, “Kung Fu Panda 3” is a film you should definitely see with your children. The chubby panda Po will make you laugh the entire time of the movie with his clumsiness and colorful interactions with his friends. Let the film “Get a Job” keep you entertained with the funny struggles Anna Kendrick faces when she looks for employment.

Zac Efron and Robert De Niro will make laugh with every scene you see between Jason Kelly and his uncommon grandpa in the “Dirty Grandpa”. Another extremely anticipated motion picture is “Zoolander 2” which will improve your mood with the exciting moments and charming humor of the characters that Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson portray. Regardless of the movies you buy for your DVD collection, you will surely have a good time.